What is the name of this part and where can I find one?

Hello there! Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions!

The driver’s seat for my Jeep Cherokee is broken. I cannot find the part I need anywhere, but I have an idea that it is because I have no idea what it is called!

The part is the metal piece that bolts the seat to the bracket. The right front corner of this piece has broken where the bolt connects it to the bracket. The bracket is fine, the seat is fine, it is just this metal piece.

It seems to be more a part of the seat, than the bracket, if that helps? It attaches up on the underside of the seat, and has a hole in it for bolts to attach it to the bracket on the floor.

If you need more clarification, I can TRY to take a picture. I’m not sure if my camera will do very well under the seat though.

What would this part be called, and do you have any suggestions as to where to find it?

Thanks for your time!


Why not take it to the Jeep dealer and show them? Usually I stay away from the dealer, but that’s the first place I’d go in this case.

Try JB weld on it

That’s not a bad idea. If no one can tell me, I’ll probably do that when I’m in town tomorrow.

Hmmm. I’ll look at it again, but I think the spot that is broken is a little too bent up for that to work. Might be a good short term solution if I can get it bent back into place though!

A seat bracket part like that will be only a dealer item ( new ) or a wrecking yard used item.
Start with the dealer. Have them print out the parts picture.
" I want one of these " is all you need to say.
They’ll tell you their price to order, ( most likely not in stock, seat bracket parts are rare to need ).
Take that picture with you to the wrecking yard.

Then dicide which to buy.

Thank you very much. I’ll do that!