Steering issues

I have a 1987 ford ranger 4x4 with automatic hubs. My automatic hubs completely destroyed themselves and are being replaced with manuals as soon as this new problem is solved. Initially the truck seemed to go in and out of 4 wheel on the hubs and jumped, snapped and ultimately destroyed the retaining clips in the hub itself so that those gears fell out when wheel was removed. I removed both sides and that stopped, but now when I turn the vehicle, this worse at lower speeds, it doesn’t want to return to center and will stay in the turn without much effort to turn back to straight. The pump seems fine on the power steering system. A mechanic friend of mine told me that my universal and upper and lower ball joints where shot on the front axle, but I feel that this might have more to do with the steering rods etc. The originals have been replaced and I am able to grease them, after doing this it seemed really loose for a bit, then by second day of driving it was back to the usual. I just am looking for some verification before replacing tie rods etc and then eventually the hubs, but winter over so there is less concern right now for that. Any suggestions and help would be appreciated. Thanks

So my buddy who worked on my truck for me last actually took out too many gears in the hub to disable them. He removed the spacer gear that hold up the end of the spindle so it was allowing it to travel all over the place. Replaced that gear and now seems good, still need to rebuild the hubs and the steering linkage, bit worn there, and the rest we will see if it lasts as long as the truck.

Thanks for getting back to us so we know the fix.