ID this sedan!

Can you ID this sedan from its rear end? What’s the make, model, year?

My first guess was dodge stratus but that doesn’t seem to be a match. The logo on the back seems to be 5 characters.

I’m guessing Dodge Avenger, 2007 or newer

You can’t enlarge the picture you took on your computer so you can read the name on the trunk?

Dodge Avenger seems to be a match, thanks @FoDaddy ! Looks like it’s the 2011-2014 body style.

Glad to help @mbs . Any particular reason you needed that car identified?

Yes, suspicious activity. Plus just increasing my car ID knowledge!

I can’t enlarge the pic, from that size photo I would be lucky to identify a 57 Chevy.

Yes, Dodge Avenger. I have been checking them over the last few days. Some have Dodge written on the middle of the trunk, some just Avenger on the side.