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What is the successor to Dexron II ATF?

My car’s manual calls for Dexron II Automatic Transmission Fluid. The car is 25 years old. What is the equivalent specification today? (I expect that ATF specs, like motor oil specs, have changed over the years.)


Here’s the latest Honda tranny fluid.

Just make sure it’s compatible with the tranny clutches.


Tester: That ad does NOT say it is a replacement for all Honda vehicles. it hints at it but does not make a definitive statement. So I’d ask a dealer what to use.

What didn’t you understand about that statement?


I would also ask the dealer on what Honda ATF is compatible. Honda transmissions are somewhat finicky when it comes to fluids.

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Well . . . Dexron 2 was eventually superseded by Dexron 3

Genuine Dexron 3 is nla, because GM let the patent expire. But aftermarket Dexron 3 is readily available

There’s also Dexron 6.

Dexron III is the latest but, if you use that in a Honda automatic, you need to add a bottle of LubeGard black bottle… Honda auto’s need a really high slip agent in their ATF or the automatic transmission will shift harsh. Adding one bottle of LubeGard black bottle. with add enough of that agent to make it shift normal.