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Honda automatic transmission fluid

OK . . . I’ve been changing the fluid on our ‘95 Civic since 25k, I siphon out a quart or so (the most I can get) about every third oil change and re-fill with fresh Honda Transmission fluid. I was at the parts store this morning and the parts guy said I can use DEXTRON II. I didn’t believe him, so I can home and checked the Pwners’ manual. It says DEXTRON II is ok. What would you use? Rocketman

BTW . . . every 25 or 30k I have it professionally serviced, not just my siphon and replace method. Rocketman

I would bet "Honda Automatic Transmission fluid IS Dextron II ATF…

Almost every vehicle I’ve owned since the 80’s say something like that. Use OUR fluid/part or equivalent. My Toyota says to use Toyota Oil (5w-30)…Then goes on to say…or as a substitute…use a oil that’s approved for Toyota vehicles.

I would use whichever is cheaper. If you were going 60,000 miles between changes and doing nothing in between, I might be inclined to spend a little more on Honda fluid. But since you are taking extra care of your transmission, regular Dextron II should be fine.

USE THE HONDA FLUID… You can use the Dex in a pinch and I mean just to get you off the road type of thing but for regular services, stay with the Honda fluid.


Honda automatics need all the help they can get so maybe Transman is right…I’d have a little alter in the back corner of my garage, two cans of Honda-Matic fluid on either side of a little Buddha incense burner…Anything is worth a try…

I was hoping you would check-in transman . . . I’ll go with the Honda fluid. Thanks! Rocketman

Honda automatics need all the help they can get so maybe Transman is right.

Honda only had a 3 year period of problematic transmissions. Wife had a Honda of this era…well over 250k miles and still going strong. Girl we sold it to expects to get it through 3 more years of college…And it should EASILY.

I don’t think Honda had any special fluid until about 2001. Before that they were using Dextron II. That’s what I used every time I changed the fluid on my wifes Accord.

There is one thing that I have learned over the years building Honda automatics, and I have built a ton of them. I always use Honda clutches and steels. I’ll buy my regular overhaul kits from my supplier but I will toss the clutches and steels and replace them with genuine Honda clutches and steels. Also, I always use Honda fluid. I learned that from an old man years ago.