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What is the frontal surface of an Ford Escort?

Hello, my fellow car enthusiasts.
I’m looking for the frontal surface of the ford escort for my school project, because I want to bring evolution of the escort in to view. Here for am I looking for the frontal surface of the follow ford escorts: 1. MK3 Escort (europe), 2. MK3 5 door(1981-1984).


from Tjardo Thijssen

Recommend you try google. Doubt anyone on this forum has the answer.

Since it is your project and not ours, I’ll tell you how to do it for yourself.

Find a car you want to analyze, photograph it WITH a meter stick in the picture over the hood. Print the picture, as large as you can, and break it up into squares of 100mm or 200mm using the meter stick as size reference, calculate the area. Done.

If you can’t find an actual car, find a head-on picture and find a known reference dimension in the picture. That can be as simple as a headlight or tire width. The internet should be of great help here.


Thanks. I never thought about that.

Good idea. You should be able to find the car width spec for each model, good way to ‘scale’ the photos.

Before or after it was sent to the crusher?

I could not resist.

Steel? :smile:

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A forum sporting the CarTalk logo requires smart azzes like us as a tribute to the brother’s show.


The question is why would this person think that a forum with screen names and no verification that who ever replied actually knew the answer . They need to do research on how to do research.

Lighten up dude, man you do not have to be oscar the grouch all the time, but then again maybe you do. @VOLVO_V70

It is frontal area, not frontal surface area . One car with a much longer hood might have a larger frontal surface area but actually less frontal area. You then have to multiply by the coefficient of friction to get the wind drag at any given speed.