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Some Help Please!

Hello everyone, recently my MK2 Escort was stolen. I am not sure of the number plate as it never had one on after it was passed down from my dad and was not currently registered. This happened in the Oxfordshire area. The car is very distinct, it had one red door and one green door along with a light blue (very patchy) body and a black hood. Fortunately I ran out of time and money after mechanically repairing it and now it is quite distinct. I have put many hard hours into the car so if anyone sees it, it would be very appreciated if you could tell me as the police are absolutely useless. To be honest I don’t think I will ever get my car back but it’s always worth a try.
Thanks :slight_smile:

This is a largely-US forum, we won’t be able to help. Sorry for your problems.

Ah damn okay thanks for letting me know :+1:

Yes, what Mr @texases said… I don’t believe any of us reside “across the pond” as they say.

However and I may be totally incorrect about this, but…don’t the police have a video camera or 3 every few feet over in your area of the world? Granted I am getting this idea from the little I have seen on TV and other media but I got the impression that you guys have more video cameras than…than… I don’t know what…but a lot of cameras is what I’m getting at.

Even if you did, perhaps they aren’t going to trouble themselves to look at the footage over “just an old car” ? There would maybe have to be a missing person in said vehicle for them to bother?

Start calling people you know who might have access to the footage from those cameras…I bet your car went past more than just a few of them…and you never know…you might have a “guy on the inside” that you dont know about.

Just my 2 cents from across the pond. Sorry to hear about your dilemma

not to be rude, but are you sure it wasn’t just towed away? I know parking can be of a premium over there, and if the police came across a car that did not have current registration and had 3 or 4 different colored parts on it, perhaps someone called it in as abandoned?

(That’s my first thought, because that is what happened to my son when he parked somewhere where he wasn’t supposed to, lol)


If your car was stolen, it was probably taken for parts. It is likely stripped by now. Was it insured? If so, you might at least get some money back. If it was towed, the police likely would have known about it, or at least they probably have contacted the towing companies in your area and would have told you by now.

You’ll want to contact the local Ford Escort clubs . . .

I’m sure it’s a tight knit community, and if your car somehow comes up for sale, they might know who’s trying to sell it, and where the car’s located

I doubt it . . . these are considered classics by now. These cars have a following in europe

The police will tell you that most thefts are for joy riding unless it’s a top rated car for parts. So load your weapon of choice (I guess baseball bat in the UK) and start patrolling the streets. Likely within 30 miles. I have been involved in two thefts, my son’s car and a truck at work. The truck was found by one of my staff within one mile and the police found my son’s car within 15 miles. Both were for transportation. Also notify the license authority, whatever it is called there, since they would have to put plates on at some point.

I don’t know how healthy it would be but usually there are kids on the street hanging around that know other kids on the street that may be able to provide a clue. Birds of a feather and all. If you can connect with a few or pay off, you might get something like “Oh yeah, probably that idiot George who lives down by the river”.

That might make parting out the car lucrative. I suppose it could be sold as is, but replacing the serial numbers may be needed to cover the trail.

Besides contacting your local Ford club, suggest to email a brief description of the circumstances & a photo of the car to the UK magazine Practical Classics. They may be able to offer some help or advice. Theft of classic cars is a subject that appears in their magazine from time to time.

Hi pal, can you share details of your car.

Take it the car was stolen in the UK?
Where in Oxfordshire was it stolen?
When was it stolen?
Was it a 2 door or 4 door?
Was it complete?
What model was it?
Was it standard or modified?
Do you have any pictures of it?

Classic Ford’s are being stolen all over for a variety of reasons

Spoken to the OP & sadly the car was found burnt out in a farmer’s field

Well that’s interesting. Why would someone do that unless it was used in a heist or something and burned it to remove evidence?

Thanks for the feedback @muckypuppy_164763. Sorry to hear the outcome didn’t turn out better.