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Vehicle Satisfaction

Hi everyone!

If anyone has a few minutes to spare I would really appreciate you filling out my survey. I developed it for a class project and need 100 responses. It relates to vehicle satisfaction, so I thought this would be a good place to post it. Thanks in advance!

If we participate in your survey, will we get access to the results? Who will use the data and for what purpose?


I’m getting my Master of Marketing Research and the survey is for one of the introductory courses. So basically the data is just going to be used for me to learn how to interpret data. I can try and post the final results once I have completed the project in a few weeks.

Your survey stopped functioning half way through. If you fix it, I might try it again. Then again, I might not. After all, it didn’t work the first time.

Thanks for attempting to take it. Sorry it wasn’t functioning correctly. I have had 10 people take it in the past 20 minutes, and it seems to be working right now. This is the first survey that I have ever created, so I am still in the learning process.

I took the survey. How long have you worked for Toyota?

I don’t work for Toyota. This is for a school project that I am taking in my masters program.

And thank you for taking the time to take it!

I started to take your test and quit at Page Two because you’re either a paid Toyota hack posing as a student or you’re a biased student using a skewed survey to obtain answers to tell you what you want to hear.

If you’re not a paid Toyota hack then you’re doing one pxxx-poor job of writing up a survey. Your survey is similar to one of those “do you beat your wife on a regular basis” type of questions that are asked in court.
What an utter crock of a survey; and some wonder why I maintain that surveys, reports, etc. are as worthless as the ink on the paper.

I started but did not complete your survey. We have three cars of widely varying original prices. Many of the questions simply did not fit our situation and I did not want to mentally average things to fit your survey as I believed that it would not have been good data for you.

FYI, a couple of years ago we got a JD Powers survey which I did not complete as it was too long. I sent it back with a note to them that I would do it if they would pay me for my time.

Wow way to express your opinion. I AM a student. This is the very first survey that I have ever created in my entire life. It is a learning process. No one ever gets something perfect the first time they try it. I have had no previous instruction on how to create a survey, and YES I’m sure it shows. In fact, I did have a hypothesis; however, the results thus far have proven me wrong. Also, I am a 21 year old college student who does not have the money to pay people to take a survey. Thank you to the people who have taken it and not botched their answers.

I’m just being brutally honest and in all seriousness, that survey is botched from page two on. There is zero credibility in it.

So let me ask this. Can you provide a clear, coherent answer as to why you have so many slanted Toyota questions on there? Why choose one particular car make in what is supposed to be a subjective study?

I can handle your honesty. It is you lack of knowledge and understanding that I am having trouble with. Obviously you are missing the point of the survey, and at this point it seems worthless to discuss something with someone who so clearly wants to criticize people. It is apparent that you have no desire to understand what I am trying to learn in school. Please continue to post rude and ignorant comments, but do no expect a response from me.

Obviously I am not from Toyota… Toyota wouldn’t post a survey like this one on a forum. I stated in the intro that it was as a survey “related to vehicle satisfaction.” I was hoping to measure how people view Toyota compared to other vehicles since Toyota has had so many problems lately. I thought that would be fairly obvious by the third page when I asked if you had heard of the recalls.

I’ll ask again; why so many slanted Toyota questions on your survey and why choose one particular make?

When you post a survey that sounds like it came straight from the Toyota Marketing Dept. what do you expect someone to think?

Took the survey just to see your responses. I fully agree…a completely bogus and slanted survey with no relevant market value. Had to stop when the reference to Toyota was too extreme. Maybe my man you’re just testing your computer skills.

I completed the survey, but, as others say, it “lacks complete objectivity”. Since we own a Toyota and are totally satisfied with it, it might offset some of the negative stuff you are fishing for.

Many years ago I did an MBA in Marketing, and one of the courses was market research. Our project was the air and vacation travel habits of unattached young people; a rapidly growing market at that time.

My job was to interview all the graduate nursing students (BScN) (female)at the university, and Objectively record their travel and vacation experiences and preferences. A tough job, but somone had to do it! I ended up marrying one of the interviewees a year after completion of the survey.

I complete about 2 surveys per month, many for airlines and other commercial service companies. Some are better designed than others, but mostly they let outside professional companies design the questionnares, so as to maintain the objectivity.

Why didn’t the OP just say from the start that this was essentially a public opinion poll of Toyota?

Just tried it and the survey is closed.

If one assumes the OP is actually a student then look at the major they’re pursuing; marketing.
What is marketing? It’s about promoting a product or service no matter how good or bad it is and that field can make the sleaziest used car salesman look pretty forthright.

The OP should watch the Top Gear episode where the 2 hosts produced their own TV ads about the new VW diesel Scirocco in cooperation with the 2 VW marketing guys.
Reality shows the car is an anemic garden slug but in the marketing fantasy world it’s new and exciting according to the marketing boys. That’s the OP’s future.

Good market research gets the right answers as to what people will buy, what price they are willing to pay and when they might buy. (Who, What, Why, Were, When)

The Ford Mustang planners had a really good idea as to what would sell, while those that planned the Edsel focused a dreary car on an overloaded and stagnant mid price segment.

Producers of athletic gear do some of the best market research; there is now a shoe, ski and a bicycle for every possible activity.

Infomercials and reality shows are just that; commercials disguised as factual and objective reports. Just turn on late night TV to get your fill of these.

I have taught adverising, market research, selling and general marketing courses. A good businessman does not ever mix up these activities. At this time I serve on a number of focus group panels, which try get neutral feedback on products, services, and current issues.

Political candidates often start believing their own hype; that’s the kiss of death in politics. General Motors execs believed their own hype for years until it sent them into oblivion.