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What is causing this?

Recently it acted like it might be tied up. a few days later i tried it again and it would turn over, but not start. a few days later i tried again and the same results, each time , the more times i cranked it, the less it wanted to turn over and it would act like it was tied up and would not turn over. Today i installed a new IAC & TPS and it acted the same. I tried the TPS installed incorrectly (where it held the throttle open a little) i know this is wrong but what the hay, nothing worked so far! Well it did start, high RPM and climbing fast, no foot action on the gas pedal. I turned it off and tried again and the same results. I installed the TPS as it should be and it acted the same (Tied uP)

You know, this is a pretty good site where a lot of people much more knowledgable than me are perfectly willing to research and explain your problem to you, and offer suggestions.
But they need to know what car you are driving, what engine, tranny, etc. Assume that the people you are asking to help you might not have enough information to provide you with any kind of answer based on a couple of acronyms and little else.

Ford F 150, 5.0 engine, automatic, two wheel drive, extend cab.

great, now, what year? Any other history with this engine, starter, battery?

1992,starter new, battery new, altinator new, belt new, just did a valve job about 6 months ago.

I can’t make heads or tails out of the description. In particular I have no idea what it means to say “it” acts lie its “tied up.”

“the more times i cranked it, the less it wanted to turn over and it would act like it was tied up and would not turn over.”

Crank and turn over are the same thing. Are you saying you keep cranking and eventually the cranking gets really slow? That’s just you running down the battery while trying to start it. The “tied up” thing, as noted - doesn’t help. By now you might want to put a fresh charge on the battery.

If it cranks but won’t start, begin by figuring out whether you lack spark or fuel - pull a plug, use a spare or a spark tester to check for spark. If you have spark use some starting fluid in the intake to see if it fires even for a bit in which case you’ll know it is a fuel problem.

I don’t believe you know any more than i do, i thank you for your time & effort. The questions you are asking. The battery is not low, and i know i have spark and fuel just like i stated in the opening statement. I know i stated lie instead of like, but if you are reading the whole statement it is pretty simple.

Sorry for taking up your time.
No response needed.

Young man, you come on a board, generally one of the most helpful boards on the Web. I am not going to say no one ever makes like a jerk, but they did not do it here.

You leave out information anyone should know to give, such as model, make, and year, you do not use language anyone can understand, and when they try to sort it out, you get on your ear. Cigroller does obviously know a lot more than you do. It is unfortunate you did not understand there are one of two choices when asking for help.

  1. Make sense, which is not easy for those with little knowledge of the topic asked about, and the people here are rather helpful in assisting newbs with explaining what the problem is.

  2. Be patient as helpful people try to sort out what you mean.

Or, you can get angry and run off in a huff. You did not tell us you knew the battery was not low, and it would be likely to be low after trying to start it many times.

You’re right Lloyd, none of us knows any more than you do.

Sincere best with your problem.