Frequently Stranded with my 1999 Ford F150

I have an intermittent issue w/ my 1999 Ford F150 which will not turn over and leaves me stranded at work which is 55 miles from home. Had air intake valve replaced earlier this year amongst other things. I have to admit, my Ford dealership has been good to me, but they had the truck for 3 weeks (gave me a 2011 Lariat loaner - awesome) but the truck started every day. No error codes. I have it back 24 hours and was stranded again. We replaced the fuel pump last time - obviously not the problem. I love truck - his name is TANK. Any ideas? PS 221,000 miles and has been great to me until this year. Can’t really complain too much.

By not turning over do you mean the starter motor does not physically crank the engine or that it cranks over but does not start?
From the fuel pump replacement I’m assuming the latter?

Without knowing what’s missing (fuel or spark) and with a lack of codes it can be very hard to narrow down.
Just making a wild stab in the dark I might guess at a defective fuel pressure sensor or a problem in the pressure sensor circuit. That’s strictly as wild a guess as can be made.

It cranks but does not start and thanks for the input.