Truck won't Crank after going over Sidewalk

I have a 1987 ford F150 302 we were ran off the road and went over a side walk. When we came to a stop the truck cut off. The truck was towed back home and have been unable to crank it since then. We have checked the inertia switch, checked the firing, and changed plugs in it. The trucks will turn over but won’t crank. Any ideas?

“Crank” and “turn over” mean the same thing–that the starter engages the flywheel and turns the engine. When the engine cranks, it turns over. Same thing.

So I assume you mean the engine turns over, but it won’t start.

correct it turns over but won’t start.

Check to see if the ignition coil is firing the spark plugs using a timing light, and check if the timing is set correctly.

After that, check fuel, and make sure its getting fuel, but isn’t flooded.
A quick spritz of carb cleaner into the engine while cranking over should help test that theory.


I would start by checking both ends of each battery cable. Also check the battery. You local auto parts store likely will do that one for free.

[b] checked the firing, and changed plugs[/b]  Do you mean you checked to find out if there was spark and you did not have any?  If so what exactly did you find out?  

 [b] ? ran off the road and went over a side walk.[/b]  What exactly happened?

Yes I checked to see if I had any spark and I did have spark. So I went ahead and replaced all spark plugs anyway. We checked the battery cable also and all looks good.

What happened- we was ran off the road by another car and had to go through a person’s yard and over a sidewalk. When the truck came to a stop the truck cut off. We have not been able to start it since then.