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F-150 Enging Problems

I have a 2002 Ford F-150 that i am having trouble with. it recently broke down on me and i havent yet found a reason why. i think the cause of this problem was that i hit a bump to hard. after i hit the bump, it felt as though the gas was not going into the car, because i would push down on the pedal and it wouldnt move. i did also notice that the rpms would go up just as if it was acting normally. then, i put gas into it, checked the oil, which was fine, and tried to jump start it and none of it worked. now, when i turn the key it gets the high pitched noise that ford engines make when started but it will not turn over. any suggestions to a reason why?

I think 2 issues are involved. Issue one check the trans fluid level. Issue 2 your starter motor has failed or you have broken a tooth on the flywheel.

You mean that the engine will not turn over but makes a noise, a high-pitched sound? Or does the engine turn over but not catch, not begin ignition?

its like everything is going right when you turn the key and it sounds like it will turn over and start but it wont turn over and catch. even when id try to put gas into it when i was trying to start it, it didnt ever turn over and catch.