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What happened to the icons?

Is it just my computer, or is everyone else’s computer screen also showing just a small “X” in place of the photos that we previously used for our identity?

Obviously, this should not be a major issue for anyone, but I am curious as to why these photos disappeared recently.

It’s not just you. I’ve got the same thing, and it’s been like that for a while now.

I could be mistaken, but I think that this issue only arose about 3 days ago…

Good morning. Thanks for bringing it up, @VDCdriver‌. In my brief, unscientific test just now, I see only some icons. I’m on my phone. There have been some residual…wrinkles since the migration. For instance, I see duplicate usernames in Firefox. I’ll add this to the list of items to the emails I’ve been sending. The menu and toolbar in the mobile version has gone monochrome, as well.

I have the duplicate usernames in firefox as well, @cdaquila‌. Both PC and mac.

Thanks, @shadowfax. Anytime I submit a problem, I’m asked whether it’s affecting anyone else. I need the backup!

Photo evidence, should you need it:

(note how only some usernames are doubled - I haven’t figured out the pattern that determines who will get multiplied)

You wouldn’t want to see my ugly mug anyway. Nightmares, you know.

Thanks, @shadowfax. True confessions of a forum lackey: I stared at my screen waaaaay too long last night trying to find a pattern.

Pshaw, TSM.

Hehe. Same here, @cdaquila. :wink: I have noticed that if someone is doubled, they will always be doubled. So VDCdriver is doubled everywhere I see him. And if someone is not doubled, they will never be doubled. Note that this is per-session - - so VDCDriver was always doubled at the time I was logged in and posted that picture, but is not now. And now I am doubled everywhere I see myself… Which is disturbing - no one wants two of me.

"So VDCdriver is doubled everywhere I see him"

I’m overweight, but I haven’t doubled!


…and, strangely, my icon has reappeared, and Shadowfax’s has disappeared.
What is going on?

Surely he meant you doubled in stature and gravitas, @VDCdriver‌.

Goodness gracious, you’re right, @VDCdriver‌. In fact, I see @shadowfax now has a duplicate username, and you have one. And your icon is back. Funny, Support had just e-mailed me to say that it was resolved. Must be gremlins. But not the AMC kind, because we might have a shot at fixing those! :wink:

…and now, Shadowfax’s icon has reappeared…


Well, so far I’m not seeing any icons missing. And @VDCdriver‌ is back down to his normal weig… er… non-doubled state. So, so far so good!