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Is it my computer

…or is a system-wide problem…?
Currently, I am unable to edit earlier posts, cannot “like” other people’s posts, and cannot insert emojis into my posts?

Is anyone else observing these problems?

If I was able to edit earlier posts, I would have deleted the incorrect question mark in the second sentence of my previous post!

I just edited one of my posts.

So far the only thing I can not do is use :emojis if I use a smiley face or which ever one it will spell it out instead of using the picture.

What’s your platform: PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, other?

What browser are you using: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, IE, etc?

Everything is working fine from my Windows 7 PC in Google Chrome.

I rebooted my laptop and it appears that everything is back to normal.



The ole three finger salute! It almost always fixes a confused operting system.

Glad you’re up and running again, @VDCdriver.

Glad you got to avoid using the Russian Method (BFH aka Big Friggen Hammer! :hammer:)