What happened to the forum?


Holy cow, we’re up to HTML5 already and I never fully understood what HTML was in the first place. Luckily I had people for that and didn’t have to.


Trying to get to know the new format. Is the heart button the same as the agree button was on the old format ?


Yes. I think, we had agree or like, but still the same result in the end as far as I can tell.


Yep, just remember its not a “love” button so just because I hit the heart doesn’t mean that I love you or want to go golfing.


@bing I’ll be in northern MN, Pequot lakes, 2nd and 3rd week of August, need a 4th for a foursome for golf, interested? Whitefish golf course, preserve, deacons maddens?


Gee I haven’t golfed in about ten years and not sure my joints would take it again. I used to get to Maddens about once a year but don’t get up that way much any more. One year up there those little black flies or bugs or whatever they are would just drive you nuts trying to putt. Couldn’t stand still at all or they’d be all over you. Sorry, you wouldn’t want me for fourth guy.


Ooooh Boy! I take a little break from the forum and everything has changed. Another sign that life is passin’ me by. . .


Hi @Renegade - yep! Click the heart to Like. Don’t be shy. We know it doesn’t mean you want to go golfing. :wink:



“Ooooh Boy! I take a little break from the forum and everything has changed. Another sign that life is passin’ me by. . .”

Hey Ed, I’m not sure where you were on your break or how long you’ve been “out of it’,” but did you catch the other news?

Now, depending on how you feel or self-identify on a particular day, you can choose which restroom to use. You can go in the one for 'bucks" or “does,” “guys” or “gals,” “Chiefs” or “Squaws!” It works in locker rooms, too.

One needs to pay close attention… the times, they are a change’n.


Well so much for my weekend plans!


I truly cannot understand what the issue is with the transgenders and the bathrooms. If you look like a man go in the men’s room, if you look like a woman go in the woman’s room. I mean a toilet is a toilet, the stalls nowadays all have doors on them, go in there and do what you have to do. . . why is legislation necessary? It frustrates me that the democrats take up an issue like this and run with it. The end result being that a lot of hardworking folks out in the American heartland end up voting against their own economic self-interest because they’re worked up over non-issues like this.

As for me, well I’ve been travelling quite a bit this summer. I hate to post from my phone because I tend to be long-winded and trying to use that miniature touch screen keyboard is a royal P.I.T.A. Also, I know I tend to be one to make off-topic comments. Although I’ve had a lot to say lately, most of it isn’t car related, strictly speaking, so I figured I’d just lay low for a while.

I suppose I could start a thread about how I’m getting better than expected mileage from my new Mirage, in contrast to Mitsubishi’s “scandal” over falsifying MPG data, but now I’ve got to take time to figure out how this new forum format works.

P.S.- There are a LOT of things going on in the world that make me think the world is passing me by, I wish we could discuss some of them here but they’re not car-related (as I’ve often stated, this is a rare place where an intelligent discussion can be had)

My favorite quote lately is from Geo H.W. Bush, “It looks like I’m getting old at just the right time.”

To tie it back in to cars and transportation, if I had the money, I’d buy a little motorhome and a boat and spend the rest of my days travelling around to museums, caves, parks, giant balls of twine, and exploring lakes rivers and bays all over the country. I’d be perfectly content to sit in my proverbial rocking chair and let the world pass me by. Unfortunately I’'m not old enough or rich enough to do that, so I’ve got to re-invent myself and get back out there and carve out a place for myself in an ever more complicated, dysfunctional, overcrowded, and depleted world.


Odd man out again, if I :heart: you it does mean I want to play golf.



“Odd man out again, if I :heart: you it does mean I want to play golf.”

Heart me, Barky! I’d go play golf. I’m stocked up on free guest passes where I’m a member at my little 18 hole club, or hey…

… maybe some of us or the Car Talk Crew could put together a Car Talk Golf Scramble someplace.

Brining it back to cars… they’re not allowed on the course, but golf carts are available, although I always walk, even 18 holes.


@cdaquila @Car_Talk_Plaza - Here is how I feel about the new forum:

I expected a more pleasing visual site-scrolling the thread is nice-why does your post have to be a reply and I really don’t care if someone replies to what I posted-20 characters to post is dumb-the spam flagging feature doesn’t seem to work or it takes to long to have the spam post removed-still don’t like the fact that inactive posts can be brought back from the dead from years ago


Speaking of golf and cars, on the way to a family member’s 90th birthday party in the park, my wife commented that she always thought she’d have a red convertible when she retired. I filed that. When we got to the park there were quite a few of his friends that had driven the golf carts to the park. I found a nice red one without a top on it and said “there’s your red convertible”. I think she had something else in mind but considering we aren’t getting any younger, the golf cart might be a better idea.


@common_sense_answer Sure I could do a golf outing, ok we have a twosome, any one else? Comon @Bing we can do a putt putt. @cdaquila why the heck not. Did an internet poster meetup for golf once, scary to commit, a guy from the long gone mythbusters forum,


Bing your wife must have a better sense of humor than mine. If I would have said that who knows how long I would be in the doghouse.


HOLY S&*^&! WHAT HAPPENED ??? I haven’t been on the site in some time now and when I return…I get this…

No Sir…I dont like it…but I also know there is nothing I can do about it.

I also dont like that we are all “NOOBS” now…There are many here who have spent years giving good advice and years building their status up from just your basic user… It sure would’ve been nice if our “Status” followed us into this confusion…but…again…nothing I can do about it.



@Honda_Blackbird If you mean status by the number of meaning less badges you had acquired on the previous system all that meant was that someone had posted a certain amount of times. It had nothing to do with knowledge or weather they even knew what they were talking about.
The system will allow more as you use it, this is to reduce the number of internet jokesters I presume. Also if you have not done so check your preferences to allow only what you want. The only real drawback is that threads never close.


No kidding

I wish there were a system in place, where an ancient and long-dead thread were ONLY able to be revived by the OP

@cdaquila . . . can’t we set that up?

I think it’s appropriate if an OP revives his own thread, to give us an update, after a long time

Anything else is quite often a waste of everybody’s time