A plea to the Car Talk Web Lackeys

Please, oh please, can we have some navigation buttons within threads? Something like “Next oldest post” and Next newest post"???

Pretty please?

And a “# of posts by user”, join dates, and PMs!

The threads do get confusing don’t they?

The search feature also leaves a bit to be desired, but I’ve trained myself to just ignore that feature completely.

And a “# of posts by user”, join dates, and PMs!

I didn’t want to sound greedy.

No, no, they’re too busy “building communities” to be bothered with actual functionality of the forums.

In other words, get used to it. They haven’t made a change or fix or upgrade of any sort in close to a year. It’s clearly not going to happen until the next big changeover.

Or at least page buttons.

I’d be happy with some kinda highlighting that showed the new post(s) in the threads

Change the dark grey bars to a light color so I can READ the words printed there!!!

I have to jack up my font size three or four times in order to read them. PITA IMHO.


It seems to be a function of the software they’ve selected. This software (used by quire a few other forums) seems to contain all these features and is much easier to navigate:


Yup, vBulletin and IP Board are modern, customizable bulletin board systems used by a lot of people. They actually have FEATURES…

It is probably not practical to customize this software to the point where it is equivalent to those products.

Agreed; I don’t think this software is customizeable, period.

I find it hard to believe the software can’t be tweaked.

i think this software is about as customizable as a rambler.

The software probably can be tweaked…BUT they may not OWN the software. They probably bought it and incorporate it into this Website. So tweaking may not be very straight forward.

As far as those features…Many years ago a company called Digital Equipment had a product called Note Files. It is basically something like this forum…but NON web (although later I heard they wrote a web version). And they had features FAR superior to any of these forums I’ve ever seen. A nice feature called Next UnSeen - takes you to the next post you never viewed. So you don’t end up viewing all posts that you already viewed.

The vBulletin software has also included that “go to first new post” feature forever. It also puts the latest posts at the bottom, even if it responds to and quotes an earlier post.