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New forum issue

Sorry if this has been posted before, but the Recent Discussions link now links to the forum index rather than recent discussions.

OK, thank you. I am passing it on for a fix. I will let you know when I know more! Sorry for the inconvenience. In the meantime, the recent discussions page is available at

No need to apologize. Such things happen on the interwebs. :slight_smile:

Also, the “Recent Discussions” link under “Topics” on the right side of the page does work.

Interesting - suddenly the time stamps seem to have jumped an hour in the future for me, too. Is it just me?

Edit: Weird. I came back, and they’re the correct time. Never mind.

Better check for Gremlins.

Ok, I am brand new to this. How do I post a question for discussion/advice?

Salley, click on the red ‘Ask a Question’ button top right of the window.

@cdaquila - I’m not usually too concerned about looks on a web site, but that ‘Ask a Question’ button could look more, well, ‘button-ish’. Some 3-d effect to make it a bit more obvious it’s a ‘button’, maybe…

@texases, I can see that it is a little, err, 2-D. I can’t promise it will be on the emergency-repair list, but periodically we’re submitting design tweaks, etc to the developers at Vanilla. Thanks for the comment.

Hey, just an update: the Recent Discussions tab at the top of the page is working once again. The Back to Discussions link is still in the works. Will let you know when it’s back!

Edit: everything’s fixed now. Please let me know if you have further problems.

maybe if you could put the “ask a question” button up there with the inbox and other links up on the top of the page

We’ll have to look into ways to make the Ask a Question button more prominent, or obvious. It’s not something we can do right now, but I will make sure we keep it in mind.

Thanks for fixing that. Using that button makes it easy for those of us who are only interested in the latest postings.

I know that the regular gang here can sometimes be pretty demanding, but I hope I speak for them when I say, we appreciate the efforts.