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What happened to the 1966 Chevrolet Caprice 427 topic?

I spent time commenting on the topic and was greeted by a notice the topic had been closed or deleted. Normally when a topic is closed it is marked closed. It is no where to be found so has obviously been deleted. Why? Was it deleted by OP? This is my advisory only post.

In the early 1980s I parked next to a 1971-1973 Ford Mustang convertible. I saw the for sale sign but first gave the car a quick look. It was at the lower end of poor condition. I already had 3 Mustangs of that vintage including a 1971 MACH-1. I would not have wanted the convertible for free. I then read the for sale sign. Asking price was $15,000!!! Ignorant people see or read about a similar make model and vintage vehicle although in excellent condition as theirs selling for big $$ and think their junker is worth the same. OP’s Caprice looks nice in the photo but it’s a photo. In about 1972 I answered a newspaper ad for a 1966 427/390 Caprice. I was not aware of that Caprice option and was curious. The car was a solid good condition and asking price was $600. I had no desire for a GM ‘luxo-barge’. I would advise anyone paying big $$ for a nice collector car to invest several hundred in a very detailed pre-purchase inspection.

I think @cdaquila deleted the thread and booted the OP as he was getting really offensive

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Why do they keep coming here? When we try to give the best advice we have they argue. I was starting to think it was a 12 year old with a couple of internet photos and a load of male bovine excrement. Good riddance.

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Who knows, there are trolls everywhere on the internet that just love to create trouble. Based on his answers, I highly doubt he’s a hot rod modding expert or whatever the heck he was claiming…12 sounds about right sadly…

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It seems some new members don’t enjoy the criticism and insults that go unmoderated here, they give up any interest in continuing future involvement with this message board.

I believe it stated with

I see it IS a 1966 and you must live in Delusional, Montana because….

After that there were several others who had nothing nice to say.

I looked at pictures of the cars on facebook before and after they were painted, they are real.

I didn’t notice it was gone but essentially he said he sold it for $25 more than he had into it. I don’t know if that included the cost of gas in the tank or plates or not, but he just said it was none of our business what he sold it for. Yeah he was kind of . . . whatever. My guess is if he got anywhere close to $100K for it he would have rubbed our noses in it, so likely it was $50K or less. Then he showed a pic of another one for sale. He’s a busy guy and that one is probably on Hemmings too. At any rate I think the neighbors might start to say something about the car lot next door. Maybe not in Montana, but Montana is pretty close to Washington where nothing is allowed-like Minneapolis.

High prices keep cheapskates from asking what you’ll take for that thing. They want to get it for $200 and it becomes a nuisance when four people a day want to know.

I don’t see a problem here

Looks like Carolyn made a wise decision :smiley:


Yes, too late to put the train back on the tracks.

Hi. I deleted it because the OP asked me to - not because of what anybody suggested about whether he was using the thread to indirectly sell his vehicle, or because he started using insult memes at the end. It didn’t seem to be a trolling operation, though I didn’t investigate. I didn’t think he got a particularly fair reception (the Delusional, Montana comment is an example), and I think a lot of the comments were to OP’s point. Sometimes the prickliness on the part of OPs is totally understandable in context because they were assumed by a group to be trolling or there for a fight. Not defending what he did calling everyone stupid - I agreed with those flags - but just saying that discussion could have gone quite differently, and it’s a shame.


The Delusional Montana comment was mine. I’ll own up to that. Maybe a bit harsh and I apologize for that. It was my reaction to asking the forum what the car was worth while having it already listed for sale at that price. I did a little research to answer the poster’s question by going to Hagerty and looking around for comparable cars when I found his add. I thought it disingenuous to ask us blindly without revealing the asking price.

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If you can’t stand the heat…get out of the kitchen.


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Thank you for the clarification. I suspected OP checked out of their own free will.

It’s the same phenomenon that we have seen previously in this forum, and in other internet forums.
Many people post their questions/comments in the expectation of total support for their position, no matter how…out there…it might be. Then, when they encounter opinions contrary to their own position, they become ornery.

In other words…How dare you give me any answers other than the ones that I wanted to see!


I had a boss like that. We had a name for it: ADA (Andy’s Desired Answer). If you didn’t give it to him, he’d ‘discuss’ things with you until you did.

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Sorry guys. Yet one more time a person comes here asking for help and end up leaving never-to-return due to how they were treated in this forum.

We can keep pointing fingers at each OP blaming them for this or that, but the common theme is we’re driving many away.

Always seeking so shift the blame to the OP is a weak excuse.


One of the things I told my kids, and today tell kids in my free English classes, the high achievers are almost always very nice people. It is the losers who are the nastiest.

I met an Agicultural Engineer about the time Dr. Norman Borlaug died. Dr. Borlaug is believed to have already saved at least a billion lives, and counting. The engineer worked with him at the UNAM farms near Texcoco for his thesis project and said Dr. Borlaug was about the nicest and most pleasant person he ever met.

The less competent people are almost always ornery and rude. I have found the same to be true of mechanics I have known. The best mech I ever met was as kind and pleasant as anyone can be. The guys who totally botched the repair liked to scream at the top of their lungs at paying customers.

This is an extremely common phenomenon that psych experts call “post decision dissonance”. It can talk the form of simply showing your new car to your neighbors or more aggressive forms.

That guy showed up on this website, guns blazing

Asking for advice, getting it, not liking it, then arguing about it and questioning the qualifications of those who gave the advice . . . please

I’m in complete agreement with @VDCdriver on this one

Good riddance, OP



I’m sorry but for those of you too young to realize the dangers of screen doors that we all used to have when everyone didn’t have central air conditioning. Screen doors were connected to the door frame with a spring so that when you opened the door, the spring would extend and then slam the door shut again to reduce flies getting into the house. So if you weren’t careful, that screen door could whack you in the behind on the way out. So it’s really a nice friendly reminder to be careful of that screen door so it doesn’t whack you on the way out. No? Or as they would say in the lost UK, “mind the door”, or depending on the the company “mind your &%&” .

Myself though, I’ve never been a real Chevy fan. I liked the 59 and 61 but much preferred Fords although I’ve never owned one. A 66 is just too new and doesn’t inspire me.