What happened to my OBD2 Port?!

Hi everyone - I am stumped.

I went to locate my OBD2 port on a 2009 Saturn Astra and it’s missing - see here:

It should be sticking out here like in this picture:

What are my steps to figuring out where it is? I bought my car used, could it have been relocated? Where are common places to relocate an OBD port?

It should be below the steering column


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It’s probably behind that metal piece somewhere. What happens is that people plug in a scanner, and then they whack the scanner with their leg getting in and out of the car, which breaks the plastic clips holding the plug in the metal port.

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Could it be at the end of the wire thqtloops over the stamped metal piece? I assume the top picture is your car, and the bottom is what it is supposed to look like.