1995 Subaru Imprezza- where is the OBD 2 located?

I have a 1995 Subaru Imprezza, 1.8 L, manual transmission- Where is the OBD2 located? Is it possible to read the codes with an OBD code reader? My buddy has one of those little hand held OBD readers? My Chilton’s manual lists the codes.

Few 1995 model cars had OBD 2. I’m fairly certain the 1995 Suburu had OBD 1. If you have Chilton’s (8259)64302 repair manual, it doesn’t describe the location of the connectors (an oversight?). If you look in Haynes TECHBOOK 2108, it shows that under the edge of the dash, to the left of the pedals, there are two pairs of 1-pin electrical connectors. The two black 1-pin connectors are the “read memory” connectors. The two green 1-pin connectors are the “test mode” connectors. Connect the black connectors together, with the ignition ON, to get the trouble codes to flash.

If it has OBDII, then the connector is behind a little door on the dash by the drivers knee.

Thanks, Don’t see a little door. Must be OBD 1 then.

Yes, I think you are correct. Though my Chilton’s said OBD2…and nope…no description of where the OBD is located in my book that I could find. I’ll find those connectors and see what I can find out.

I’m off this morning for three days of a back country ski trip and will try to diagnose the mysterious “no starting” issue on Sunday. Comes and goes. I will also do a fuel system pressure check. I replaced the filter, but that was not the issue. It just dies sometimes or does not start after I turn it off when it is warmed up and turns over and over and does not catch. Maybe not a fuel issue. It seems to do it more when it is warmed up than when it is cold. Which gives me some confidence it will start Saturday night when I reach the car after my ski trip…predicted temps -25…could be worse temps though for this time of the year in Fairbanks.