1994 Mercury Villager OBD?

Just recently the check engine light has come on. Yet, I have no idea where the OBD connector is. I am guessing it’s just the DLC on the driver side beneath the steering column with the fuse panel there. I checked out both OBD and OBDII reader units but neither have the connector that would fit what I have.

Unless I am looking at the wrong thing, but I have checked both sides of the engine compartment for something else with no luck. The following link is a link to a picture of what the connector looks like.

If someone could help me out I would appreciate it very much.

Whoops, forgot to paste the link into the post, but here it is.


Look under the hood, and see if can you find a plastic cover that says TEST on it. It’s under this cover where the OBDI connectors are located.


Thanks, I will go give a look right now and see if I can find it.

Yep & it should look like this plus a single wire connector. http://www.superhighoutput.com/tech_view.php?id=5

Well I gave it a long look under the hood and still couldn’t find any covers with “test” on them. Opened up all the little places I could and all I found were relays and fuses. Are you absolutely certain on the location? If so could you give me a more specific place to look?

I am still at a loss as to where or how to check the Engine Codes on this vehicle.

You run a jumper wire between the single wire connector and one of the top pins (sorry don’t remember which) of the trapezoid shaped connector. These are under the hood somewhere. After that, turn the key on and count the flashes of the check engine light. There are pauses between the digits of the codes, and all codes will repeat once (twice total).

Thanks for all the help guys. I took it into a mechanic this afternoon and he had the right connector that in fact connected to the DLC that I previously posted a picture to.

well if you know the acronym for DLC,you need no help.

Yes I know what it means. And the connector goes by a few diferent names. The problem is there didn’t seem to be anything available for connecting to it to draw out the codes, and another site I found specifically said that you couldn’t get the codes from that connector. Most of the rest of the sites I found said there would be a connector under the hood.