1995 Honda Accord OB2 Connector


Does anyone know if 1995 Honda Accords have OB2 connectors, and if so, where are they located?



I meant an OBDII connector. Thanks


Part of the OBDII standard dictates that the connector should be located in the driver’s side of the dashboard. It is usually down below the finished part of the dash, so you probably need to lay on the floor of the car and look for it.

Are you sure you have an OBDII car? I didn’t think OBDII was universally used until 1996.


I wasn’t sure if I did, some late 1995 models did, but I couldn’t find anything definite on the web, so I thought I would ask.


The feds require OBDII on everything 1996 and up, but many cars had them on already.