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Here we go again!

The web-site just made changes again! And now I’m having a hell-of-a-time to log in or to stay logged on! Come on people!

I hope this gets through!


Something is going on. I can log in fine but the site is slow and sometimes will not pull up a second page; only giving me a website error message. It’s been hit and miss for the most part.
It hasn’t been that long since the last bunch of wrinkles were ironed out.

The site was down for several hours today (Sunday) while they “improved” it…It let me post this…

Yeah this is really funky. Really unresponsive. Hadn’t been here all day and then got the maintenance page, but looks like the problems persist. Maybe it’ll be better tomorrow.

I wasn’t online yesterday, but let’s keep an eye on it. Sorry for the trouble.

It’s working fine now. Monday 9:45 EST