What do you think?

i dont remember if i showed you guys this yet or not, but my brother recently just self installed a turbo on his 3.9

What was done to the fuel management control system to compensate for the extra boost of air pressure the engine now sees?


Cool! How much more power is there? Did he do anything else to accomodate the extra power? Show us pictures at the track when he lights those Goodyears up!

I love this kind of stuff, so extremely cool in my book. As mentioned though, hopefully some computer and fuel injector modifications were done.

So, when’s the 100 shot of nitrous going on!

Way cool. I would love to hear it bark. I would like to know about the other mods to get the exhaust out, keep it cool and to handle the power to the wheels. Is that a kit or a custom fab? There are so many parts available to strengthen 4.6 and 5.0 L V8s for supercharging in Mustangs. I don’t know if there is much off the shelf to improve the crank, lower end bearings, rods,…


well, hes tuned it slightly richer, he doesnt need to do anything big yet because hes only running 4psi. and to answer jtsanders, there is now 100 extra hp. he is going to run it 15psi before the end of the summer.

im pretty sure they sell kits, but this was 100% custom! my dad (ex welder) welded everything for him so… yeah