What do you guys think about the SEAT Mii?

Hello everyone

Me and my girlfriend are looking for a car for her, she is a petite girl and needs a car mainly for city driving and i think the SEAT Mii will fit her needs, its a 2015 model with 75 HP and fits in her budget, what do you guys think, is it a reliable car?

Thank you

I am in the US, so am not familiar with the car, as with any used car purchase, spend the money to get an inspection done prior to purchase.

Well I’m naturally suspicious of any car that markets a “woman’s edition” with the paint color “nude,” but other than that, by all appearances it’s a pretty good little car.

But so far we only know what YOU think about the car. The important question is, what does SHE think?

The OP is probably not aware that this is US-based forum, and SEATs have never been marketed in The US.
IMO, the OP should look at the reliability ratings for the comparable VW model in his home country.
I am assuming he knows that modern SEATs are nothing more and nothing less than cheapo VWs.

Seems small and underpowered. Then again, I live in the U.S. and daily drive a car with around 500 HP.

Moon , why do you ask again about vehicles that are not sold in the US ? This US based Forum may not even have anyone who really has good knowledge of vehicles in what ever country you are in . And I will repeat a used vehicle can 2 things 1. A money pit 2. A decent vehicle that gives good service . That is why you get the have a shop look at it before purchase.

I just checked, and it appears that this model SEAT is an EV. It is essentially identical to the VW UP and the Skoda Citigo, and none of these models is sold in The US.

1 million Ev’s in Madrid would clean up the air. Probably be quiet too.

The S in SEAT stands for Spain. I would hesitate to purchase any car made there under license unless I had a mechanic nearby. To buy this for a loved one is a very unloving act!

Where did you come up with that totally incorrect notion?
Actually, the “S” does NOT stand for Spain, simply because Spain is Espana to anyone who is fluent in the Spanish language. Why would Spanish-speaking people use the Anglicized version of the name of their nation when choosing a title for a car company operating in Espana?

Sociedad Espanola de Automoviles de Turismo originally made Fiats under license. Much more recently, it is a wholly-owned subsidiary of VW. While neither Fiats nor VWs are paragons of reliability, I can’t see how that relates to Spain, as a nation or as a place to manufacture vehicles… or anything else for that matter.

Please explain what this comment of yours actually means…

I wonder if Moon even knows that the SEAT Mii is a strickly electric vehicle . And if he does where is this girl freind going to charge it .

They have an electric model, however most are powered by a 999cc I3 that comes in two states of tune (60 HP and 75 HP).

Not the models that i have here, her the common model is 1 liter 3 cylinder 75hp engine.

And i am asking in a us based forum because even if they dont sell seat in the us people could still know about the model and company if its good or bad and maybe there are people like me on this site who are not from the us

More familiar with the VW UP! which is the same car, The US has missed out on VW cars smaller than the Golf. For city driving it’s ideal, This magazine seems to think it would be reliable based on their survey results of the related VW UP.

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There are very few regular members on this forum from other countries. You are asking about vehicles that very few of us even know about . Plus you are asking about used vehicles so the thing to do is have a shop look at what ever your girl freind might like . You said she likes everything you suggest , have you thought about that she might not like the look or brand and just does not want to hurt your feelings .

If this is her car and her money then just go along to look at what she wants to look at.