Need to buy a car, have a few models in mind, are they reliable?

hello to everyone!

first i just wanted to say that english is not my native language so i apologize for any spelling mistakes.

i need to find a car for my GF and i need your help with this, i am not from the US and in my country the car market is not big so i narrowed it down to just a few models.
she needs a car for city drives mostly and nothing to fancy, its her first car and she wants a small car because she lives in a big city, i chose these models because that is what here budget will allow and all these models are small and not to expansive.

i think the most important thing for us is if the car is reliable of not, i understand that every car will have problems but if you could help me and say if the models that i chose are relatively reliable or not, it will help me very much!

the models are:

Chevy sonic 1.4L 2012
Volkswagen up 1L (75hp) 2015
Peugeot 107 2013
Citroen C1 2013
Citroen C3 2011
Citroen DS3 so chic 2011
Hyundai i10 2012
Suzuki alto 2012

all these models i found with low mileage and overall good condition.
if you know and reccomand a model that i did not write please let me know i and will check the prices in my county, thank you very much for taking the time and helping me!

This is a mainly US forum so Peugeot , Citroën have not been sold here for years and Suzuki pulled out of this market .

The common advice is find something you like and have it inspected . If it turns out that is does need repairs the she can be mad at the shop instead of you . First of all she should decide what look at as she will be the one driving the vehicle .

me and her are looking together and she said that every model from here she likes, she doesnt mind as long as it is relaible.

and i thing that i mean if these models have a bad reputation or commen known problems
and i will do the maintenance and repairs if somthing happens to the car anyway

As I said the experience with 5 of those on your list are not sold here so you will not find hardly anyone who can say if they are problems or not.

Try a web search for the brands Forums where ever you are and you will have a better idea.

I had a couple of friends that owned Suzukis, They were very happy with them.

thank you for your replay

My wife drives a 2016 Hyundai–not an I10–and she likes it a lot. The later models are well made and dependable.

Only the Sonic is sold here, reasonably reliable for the co-worker who had one, she’s recently upgraded to a newer Hyundai, The Peugeot 107 and Citroen C1 are the same car built as a joint venture with Toyota, not aware of reliability but sometimes the UK car magazines will do a survey and release results.

Clarkson loved the up when he drove it on Top Gear, We could have rented one in the UK but we needed an Auto so ended up with a Nissan Micra (2013) that was roomier inside than you’d think but except for lowest bidder plastics on the door panels I really liked that car as a basic small hatch. In the US we had the Versa Note which is bigger and 4cyl compared to the 1.2 3cyl in the Micra.

And that was built by Daewoo

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Not the same Sonic. The car is known as the Aveo in Europe. I suspect that @Mooni9978 is from Southeast Asia, and the Sonic is built in Thailand. It issues a different 1.4L engine and there are most likely other major differences too.

dident the sonic replace the aveo? we have both cars here

Yes, the car was known as the Aveo in Asia until the 2012 model year, then it became the Sonic. If you have the same model year with both names, then one or the other is imported. In Southeast Asia, the Aveo would be imported into the local Sonic market.