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What do I do with my points?

I’ve noticed the more I post the more points I acquire.

What’s the point of acquiring points? Are they like the points on “Whose Line is it Anyway” where the points don’t mean anything, or are they redeemable for merchandise?

Personally I am more concerned with quality than quantity where advice is concerned, but if giving a lot of bad advice earns me points, I’m up for it!

I wish you had asked this question yesterday. I could have then told you that I’ve taken several trips with my points and it’s good for discounts on new vehicles and the like. The truth is they are just collected like bottle caps of old. No value. I have no problem with that as long as I don’t ever receive a tax bill for them.

They are sort of like web-junkie brownie points…Nobody cares…

Aww man, I thought you had a '67 Ford with ignition problems…

Points are irrelevant to me. If I can start redeeming them for cash, antique motorcycle parts, or music equipment then I’ll care… :slight_smile:

The next time you’re in an argument with someone and you’re running out of intelligent things to say you can always say “yeah!? Well I have XX agree points on cartalk! Beat that!”

It’ll at least slow down the argument no matter what.

I also thought we were going to be talking about ignition systems from the '60s. Bummer. As for the badges and points, nobody really cares and they are not worth anything, but I do like that we can rate comments again.

Wow. Someone flagged and disagreed with my question. How does one disagree with a question? Would the person who disagrees please explain that?

Yeah, kinda nuts, perfectly legit question. But then who knows what nut is loose behind the mouse…

Maybe a passive-aggressive display of sarcasm.

I’ll bet they have something up their sleeve, OR they’re sitting on several ideas on a wait and see basis.
Let’s just keep toodling along like always then one day a post will pop up about cashing in those points.
Then we’ll be glad we all have pockets full of points instead of wishing we did.

It seems a bit low to tag you with a flag and disagree over that post. Maybe someone with an axe to grind was at work.

For what it’s worth, I’m not tagging anyone with a disagree or flag unless it’s a post with advice that could lead to someone getting hurt or killed and that just doesn’t happen much.

Everything is running well so the web lackeys need work to exercise their talents. It’s a little like the government. They need something to keep busy so they give us rules. The web lackeys give us features.

I kind of like the idea. It is a way for readers to get a feel for how the others here feel about the question without just repeating the same response.

Kinda like green stamps or frequent flier miles that you can’t use. Maybe like merit badges. I think if you turned it over and read the back it would say: "not redeemable for cash. Cash value=.0000000000000.

Bragging rights.

It’s a manly thing to do. Rack up the points and whoever ends up with the biggest rack is the winner.

There should be a provision with this point thing whereby a spouse could take away points from his/her significant other. For each repair that Triedaq messes up around the house, I should be able to go in and take away a certain number of points depending on how badly he botched the repair.

Mrs. Triedaq