Help me?

Hi there,

I have some old parts of my oldest Kia… Now I want to buy another one. So parts of all the old car will be sold by reasonable prices, do you all thing these will give me few pocket moneys !!!



yes very few pocket moneys

Ebay, here you go.


Not much. I usually just throw them away but you can try.

Agree with Bing. But often, I just let them accumulate too, hoping against hope there will be another use. Never is. Found some new points for an old SAAB I once had.

I still have the rear bumper guards from my 72 Super Beetle. I’m holding out for the demand to increase so I can make big pocket money.

you never can tell when you need a good bumper guard…

Yeah last car change, I got stuck with about 5 oil filters (I like to have stuff on hand and at one time fit two cars), Honda transmission fluid, power steering fluid etc. I tried to give it away but no luck. I finally swapped the oil filters at the local OReily for about 2 filters. The guy got a deal but the rest I had to throw or recycle. Its called obsolesence.

will the parts fit your new kia? that would save you the most money

I know I’ve got a set of 6 plugs for some car I had, and two fuel filters that I don’t remember what they fit, a new set of tailgate cables, and recently sorted out some things and found 4 brand new thermostats…still in the boxes or wrappers.

I’m starting a parts house!!!


Matt - I am assuming that English may not be your primary language. No offence meant. These parts you have if you do list them in an ad have someone help you write a proper listing and your results will be better.

Bravo to Volvo V70. I commend you for your post.

Matt, you might get lucky and make a few bucks selling the old parts on Craig’s List or EBay, or someplace like that, but selling old car parts is difficult. I urge you to avoid taking out advertisements that will cost you money. You’re unlikely to recoup the cost.

Just my 2 cents but I would avoid eBay for several reasons.
One is that over the last X number of years their fees have quad and quintupled.

Two is even more ornerous and that involves eBay calling the shots on how the transaction is handled. Example. Say the OP sells a used alternator that was working fine when removed and it goes for 10 bucks. The buyer can commit fraud by switching parts, have buyer’s remorse, or whatever other reason they may come up with and claim the alternator is SNAD. (Significantly not as described.)
EBay will force a return and make the seller refund the purchase price and shipping charges even if that alternator is sold AS IS and with a no return policy.

Maybe give Craigslist a shot or maybe a classified section on some Kia forum. At least that would probably be a local transaction and no fees involved.

Good to know. I’ve never used EBay for either buying or selling, so the information is good to know.

I’ve been an eBay member since 1998 as both a buyer and seller with a 100% positive rating. Their policies caused me to quit selling there back about 2007 and the policies have only worsened since then.

Feedback is important because it provides someone with an indication of how reputable the buyer or seller is. In eBay’s infinite wisdom a few years back they adopted a policy where a seller cannot leave a negative feedback for a buyer no matter what kind of scam artist the buyer is or no matter how misguided they may be.
Think of it as the buyer being a convicted felon and having their court records expunged. In a nutshell, a buyer can commit scam after scam and still have a 100% positive rating.

The flip side is that even if the seller does everything right a buyer can trash the seller with neg. feedback and even get the seller’s fees increased, probation, or possibly booted because of inferior DSRs. (Detailed Seller Ratings)


A year ago I sold a xbox360 game on ebay, once the buyer received it he claimed the game CD was broken during shipping. I asked him to send me a picture of the damage and I would gladly refund his money, we were talking a 10 dollar game.

He or she then sent me a picture of the game case which was broken in the corner. I then asked for a picture of the broke game CD. I got a picture of the backside of a broken CD.

I requested a picture of the front of the broken game CD so I could verify it was actually the game I shipped that was broken. He or she would not comply.

I did research and realized that they were buying alot of games recently, I emailed other sellers and guess what… The same buyer claimed the games from the other sellers were broken in shipping just like they did me, most people refunded their money.

We all filed complaints on the buyer and action was taken.

Ebay banned the buyer, but they are probably back out there pulling the same scam under a new name.

Ebay is not a sellers friend anymore.