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Post Ratings!

Now we get to rate the post! This should be lots of fun…

I’m mostly looking forward to the ratings wars.

I am going to flag anything I don’t like :slight_smile:

See what I mean?

Nothing like some actual fireworks to go with fireworks. I enjoy how the page gets all lit up - reds, yellows, lavenders, blues…

Yeah, did this feature come on line in time. Looked like the mall cop torched off a 4th of July display.

and posting awards too. I got a 100 post badge as well as a name dropper badge for mentioning someone in a post.

So where is the scoreboard where all this information is compiled for the world to see…?

Someone disagrees with my sarcasm…

The mobile version does not have any of this. Please keep it that way.

Wait, so all I have to do to get a badge is, like, mention bscar2 in a post? :wink:

The ratings may be in part an effort that correctly or incorrectly colors a reply for someone who is searching for an answer. A responder’s overall record is also visible which could, in the eyes of some, make a particular reply more or less credible, no matter how incorrect or correct it may be.

When the board moved to the new format the ability to rate posts was one of the things I missed most. I think it will be extremely helpful for the poster to see where the strongest support lies. The other benefit is I don’t have to post I agree with or disagree with, making the threads less cumbersome.

Now I look at somebody’s profile and see
Promote 0 Off Topic 1 Disagree 5 Agree 4 Like 0 Spam 0 Abuse 0 Troll
How to vote for troll, maybe if I flag myself 100 times…

And how is that helpful? You don’t know what people were disagreeing with. Maybe the guy expressed opinions (like in the red light camera topics that come up every once in awhile) that were unpopular, and so he’s got a bunch of disagrees on his profile that have absolutely nothing to do with his automotive knowledge. For example, I disagree with you here. If I mark “disagree” on your post (which I won’t do, no worries) then someone later will come along and think “Maybe this guy’s an automotive idiot because someone disagreed with him,” never knowing that the disagreement was over something that has nothing to do with cars.

Similarly, without knowing who disagreed with a post, seeing a disagree there doesn’t tell you anything: Does someone with actual automotive knowledge disagree with the answer given in that post, or did a troll hit “disagree” just to be disruptive? Who knows?

I have another concern about ratings that in the long term may cause them to lose some credibility. It would be too easy to register under as many alternate names as a person would want to promote their own ratings under their original name. If the web people make it so that each alternate name needs some Q & A activity to make it work, it would be easy to do that too. I will not do this if anyone wants to know; have more productive ways to spend my time and do not have a fragile ego.

Hey look - someone disagreed with me in my last post, thereby proving my point. Nothing to do with car knowledge, but my “reputation” that supposedly points to whether I know anything about cars or not went down. Pretty stupid system :wink:

Don’t forget the @ symbol before someone’s name to “mention” them in a post.

I’m curious as to what the badges we can earn are. 1 post, 10 posts, 100 posts, does that mean the next one is 1000 posts?

1000, 2500, 5,000, and 10,000 that I’ve seen so far thanks to snooping some people’s profiles. There might be more. I’m waiting for the “drives like my brother” badge.

We have to work with Vanilla about custom badges, but we hope to bring those fun badges back.