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What did you do to your Accent today?

I just added the OEM Hyundai trunk lip spoiler to my Accent. I’m really pleased how it looks on my car and that I got it at an awesome deal. I saved about $70 bucks and it came with Hyundai’s factory warranty. I highly recommend this website for their large selection, service, warranty and low prices. This is my new spoiler

What did you do to your Accent today?

Nothing. What’s a Hyundai Accent? I don’t have one and have no plans to get one. They are not sold or serviced anywhere near here. I honestly wouldn’t know which direction to point my car in to find a dealer.

I’m not exactly sure what one is, wouldn’t know it if I saw it unless I could read a badge applique. I think it’s a foreign car made by Asians in South Korea.

They do not have a complete dealer support network. I’d feel uncomfortable making a road trip in one, bargain trunk lip spoiler, or no bargain trunk lip spoiler. Sorry.

@cdaquila This might be Spam and weather it is or not why would you spend money to put a spoiler on an Accent.

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I dunno, Ghostride registered a few months ago and posted a few non spammy things.

It is fun making your own mods, I was working on my accent to sound like Sean Connery

Fixed that for you. You’re welcome. :wink:


No one in Minnesota has an accent. It’s a well known fact. Yeah sure yobetcha.

I think I paid about $400 for the spoiler for out 08 Acura, painted in the matching color. Installing the spoiler itself was not so bad once you got beyond drilling holes in the trunk of a brand new car, but you had to also change out the trunk springs which was a bear. The spoiler added weight so heavier springs were used. I don’t remember where I ordered it from. The kid got one for his Infinity off the internet someplace too and don’t know what he paid for it. I think there was a little issue with one of the mounting studs though but the paint matched.

So I’ve done two and don’t want to do another. You can search the net for the best deal but OEM and paint match is important.

Jeeze people, don’t be so judgmental.
I like it. I think it looks great.

Congratulations. You’ve chosen a nice accessory.


My trunk spoiler for my Vega required drilling holes. I painted the drilled holes with brush-on touchup paint and let it dry before mounting the spoiler and never had a problem.

My trunk spoiler for my tC mounted solely with 3M automotive trim mounting tape around its periphery. I put it on years ago and it’s held perfectly. I had already put heavy duty air struts on my hatch, and the spoiler was 100% molded plastic, so I didn’t have to deal with that issue.

Spoiler: noun, Something to make your trunk lid heavier, induce drag and useful only at speeds you can’t drive without getting a ticket.

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So? It’s fun to make your car look cooler, even if only to you.
I’d bet money that you too do things to your cars to personalize them. Tell me what they are and I’ll criticize them for you.

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Yes true, but if the wife wants one, what can you do?

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LOL, I like that answer. Been there, done that.

But y’know, young folks, and even many old folks, like to fix up their new cars with some aesthetic accessories. Spoilers can be a fun accessory. And I think the OP chose a nice one.

When I purchased my new 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse RS (base model) I insisted on one without the totally useless $400 and actually creating drag rear wing which I called the “giant hatch handle”.

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Ii used to call the rear wings “towel driers”. Great for drying towels on the way home from the beach!

I think it looks good. And if we can put the “grumpy old man” attitude to bed for a while, let’s remember that the car scene is about people making their cars into what they want them to be. As long as it’s safe and legal, go for it.

Not everyone can afford a Viper, and it doesn’t really thrill me to read people picking on someone because he drives a practical economy car. I expect that kind of attitude on BMW forums, not here.


This grumpy old man wouldn’t want one if he could afford one. I’d rather have a Hyundai Accent like the OP’s, with a cool spoiler. I prefer small, efficient vehicles that are fun to drive and affordable to own. Besides, didn’t they stop making Vipers?

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Curious where you live. Hyundai and Kiai are everywhere.
Here is an Accent

When I go back to Minneapolis I have to watch Fargo a few times to remember how to speak correctly.

Yep sure was a nice one today but looks like it might rain again later. Kinda wet out there for the farmers, doncha know.