Just made a ducktail spoiler. How does it look? :)

This took 12 hours of work, finished in 1 day and now I’m exhausted lol. But it turned out exactly how I wanted it to look. Mix of a rubber spoiler, 2 coats of fiberglass gorilla hair structure filler, and regular body filler.

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To paraphrase Pope Francis, “Who am I to disagree?”.
If that floats your boat (it doesn’t float my watercraft :wink:), then more power to you.


Looks like you did a good job. Hope it still looks good when painted, that’s when problem areas show up.


Yeah I hope so and thanks Purebred! I put 1k primer on it for now to seal it until Monday where I can wet sand it and hit it with 2k to get the imperfections out. i had to do around 5 coats of filler to give it that smooth look. I’m changing the whole cars color as well to blue. I had the new fenders edged already Heres what the color will be

Admire the work but a Hyundai Sonata ? But it is your car to do with what ever you want.


Nice fab work!

I know that takes lotsa sanding and there is more ahead to get it smooth for the blue paint.

Nice blue, too.

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Maybe I’m just an old curmudgeon, but I don’t understand the point of this exercise; it doesn’t make the car ride more smoothly, accelerate any faster, or add any value. I think you do, however, do nice work.


Rear spoilers have been a common accessory on front wheel drive sedans for decades.


Nice work and I’m aware of how much time it takes to do this. I’ve done fiberglass work in the past…

What’s that in the background? A Model A?

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Hi ok4450, yep its a Model A it was completely restored here at the shop :slight_smile:


I like that blue color, candy apple?
My comment is based on my limited skill working with fiberglass. Last project, final layer used 1 ounce cloth, yes, one ounce—like silk, followed by a skim coat of ground glass and resin. Sanded, sim coat of filler, sanded, then high build primer. Looked and felt super smooth. Then the paint, imperfections showed up! But that is my lack of skill.

Looks great! Like it was made by Hyundai!

As a registered tree-hugger and Greenie I must ask: Does it diminish fuel mileage?

Great job on the Model A. One more question. The maroon/gray/white car with the 427 badges and cowl hood. First thought was Camaro, but…

Yep, and that’s why I usually buy the economy model, so I don’t have that stupid looking “decorative spoiler” on the back.

If anything, it probably adds drag.

looks like a 67 camaro with a 1978-81 Camaro Z28 Fender