What could possibly go wrong?


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License plate indicates they could end up on a yellow brick road.


Yes, The Yellow Brick Road to Self-Immolation…

I can think of better–and safer–ways to set off explosives on July 4th.

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Back in the gas shortage of the ~70s, I used to carry lots of filled gas containers in my car and even a couple on the back of my motorcycle.

I never worried about the risk. It was the only way I could do long trips.

Would I do it again if I had no other choice? I’d have to think about it.

Is it gas or water in the jugs?

If the guy has gas powered equipment or toys at the cabin he has to get the gasoline to them somehow. This limits the number of trips and he might get by with one trip with gas each year.

  1. Gas tank theft.
  2. Rusty rear suspension.

If you think about it… in an accident, this is safer than putting them in the trunk.


That’ll stop those pesky tailgaters! :fire:


Isn’t a gasoline tank supposed to be red? I heard it was a legal thing once. It could be kerosene in those containers that they have to drive a distance to get.

Would anyone leave $150 of gasoline in a parking lot?

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Blue is normally kerosene and red is gas. Of course mixed with fertilizer, a big kaboom.

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It’s a Lesabre. It’ll be fine. :laughing:

Not sure about loading that puny looking rack with what appears to be over 200 lbs, though. I’m about 195ish and I firmly believe I would bend that rack if I bounced around on it a bit.

The Pinto Prototype


Maybe it is for self defense, in case of car hijack. James Bond movie had a speed boat scene, Bond and cute girl driving boat, being chased by bad guys. Rear of boat had 10 drums of gasoline on deck. Bond yells to cute girl to steer the boat, he goes to back and throws the drums overboard, one after another. Bad guys hit the drums, explosions, bad guys get message.

And, of course, everyone always complies with all regulations…


Yes gasoline containers are supposed to be4 re4d but I have never seen anyone refused gas for using army surplus jerry cans and for years I used 4.5 gallon metal lacquer cans from my son in laws business and only had onw gas station attendant object.

The DOT pproved gas cans I wound up buying spill more gas and take longer to fuel the car with than anything else I have ever used. I jut wind up using a large long funnel and taking the nozzles off the gas cans


Bond always has a cute girl.

… and some of them had names that would likely not be considered to be in good taste today.

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I saw an old Bond movie on TV with the Bond girl that had a name that was not politically correct a few years ago. They voice dubbed in the name to something more politically correct. It just wasn’t the same.

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A Buick sedan with a trailer hitch, 30 gallons of flammable liquid hanging off the back, parked in what appears to be a mall parking lot (the Land of a 1,000 dents), in a handicapped space with no obvious handicapped tag on the car …

Time to take the keys away from Grandpa?.

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