Lady uses plastic bags for "gas can"

There are good ideas and then there are bad ideas. I think we all know where this one lands!


I actually had to use a gallon milk jug once in a pinch and it worked. I did know that the plastic in these jugs and gas cans is the same chemistry (#2 HDPE) so figured it would work in the short term. It did but this isn’t something I would willingly repeat. The gas cans are a lot thicker of course and they pour a lot better.

You see a lot of that stupidity in Florida when a hurricane is approaching. Seems like no one wants to store empty gasoline containers from storm to storm - we don’t have a lot of storage space - and fuel jugs sell out faster than any other storm prep supplies.

There were videos of people using 5 gallon, open buckets, too.

“You’re doing great honey.”

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Has to be safe … she double-bagged it :neutral_face:


In my younger years, I stored gas in numerous unsafe containers. When you have little, you do whatever you can.

The gallon milk jug I used was a funny story. I had a faulty fuel gauge and a bad load of gas. I was getting horrible mileage due to the bad gas but figured I had a lot left because I was going off my normal mileage. I ran out of gas about a mile from a gas station and walked back with an empty milk jug that used as a water storage container and filled it with gas.

I once had a gas can that had a hole in it and seem to recall having to do something similar as it was mixed gas for small engines and I couldn’t just put it in my cars.

Why can’t you use mixed gas in a car I have done it many times with the tank at least half full or better with no problem’s?

Geez. Everybody knows you’re supposed to use styrofoam cups.


I wonder if it was something like last minute prep for a hurricane as you suggest. That would make the most sense. I wonder if there are any collapsible gas cans like the water bladders you can get for camping and hiking or if something like that just wouldn’t be strong enough. One of my buddies bought a big one of those and a raccoon bit or clawed at it on the first night it was used and that was that. He replaced it with a blue plastic water storage container for the next trip. That thing looks basically like a gas can and is made of the same material with a similar pour spout. No animals have destroyed it either. I am guessing a collapsible gas can for easy storage is probably out of the question.

I hear people also go crazy and buy out every generator available as well. You would think people would all have those by now but I guess not.

I didn’t know if I would foul something with the mixed gas or not. I figured one time and only a couple gallons at most wouldn’t do anything but catalytic converters and oxygen sensors are not cheap. I wouldn’t think twice about it in an older car with no emissions controls.

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I hear people also go crazy and buy out every generator available as well. You would think people would all have those by now but I guess not.

You would think so. But after the hurricane is over & the cleanup is done might be a good time to buy one from the people who do not want to hang on to them.

I saw someone use one of those big 44 ounce Styrofoam cups like you get sodas in at gas stations to hold gas from a mower being worked on once. It held for a few minutes and then just suddenly dissolved!

I think most plastic bags are HDPE or LDPE so I would assume they are chemically compatible with gas. I don’t know about any of the others besides polystyrene (#6 recycling symbol) being a no-go. All gas cans that I see are HPDE (#2 recycling symbol) or metal so I would assume it is the most chemically compatible material when dealing with gas.

What’s with the red pumps that say “K”? Is it kerosene? Or the store name? Like circle K? Did not watch video

Wow…that was amazing. Lol. The thing is though I can’t imagine if all that gas spilled in my trunk…what a disaster

That would be an accident looking for a place to happen.

Probably k for “Kroger”

It clearly says “Kroger” at one point in the video

That’s a chain

It is a Kroger store. They are a huge chain and also own many stores that don’t go by the Kroger name. They are a huge retailer much like Wal-Mart. Some have gas stations and some do not. Kroger is pretty far and few between in my region but there is one in my town. I wish it had a gas station as you get rewards points for buying groceries and the only way to use them is on gas.

I found one with a gas station while traveling and got some crazy price off each gallon of gas purchased with all the accumulated points.

Either way, that first bag was leaking like mad. I bet her car was a mess. You would want to leave the trunk open for days and the windows rolled down for a while after that.

It was a Kroger’s gas station.

I really hope that neither she nor any of her passengers decide to light up a ciggie.

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