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What are these brown spots under my car?

I’ve recently hit the road with the underside of my car because of some incredibly steep exit from a park (a lot of scratch marks because tons of other cars get scratched there too). But because of how hard I hit the road, I’m worried about my car. I’m extremely paranoid and noticed just about anything and everything. What are these brown spots under my car. Please note that my neighborhood is dusty, so my car collects a huge amount of dust within a few days. Pictures of the scratch. Looks like I hit the frame. Along a frame is a hook I believe is used to tow the car?

By under do you mean on the garage floor? Looks like just dirt or rust stains from water that dripped down on the floor.

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yes, I’m confused also. Exactly where is this spot? Perhaps a different photo with a wider vies.

edit: wider view.

My best SWAG is that the damaged part is the splash guard under the engine and the stains are residue from water splashing onto the splash guard which eventually drips out. You might pour some water on top of that splash guard and see if it drips out in line with the trail of drips on the garage floor. And it might be worthwhile to remove the splash guard to inspect for leaking coolant or windshield cleaner, etc, leaking but the stains have no similarity to any lubricant or proper engine coolant.

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Put a sheet of white poster board where you park, and see what that looks like the next morning. In the meantime check all your fluid levels, coolant, engine oil, power steering fluid, etc. Probably a good idea to schedule an appointment with your shop so they can put your car on the lift and inspect what damage was done.

Yeah it looks like you got some scrapes on the plastic splash guard. Those plastic buttons are used to hold the plastic splash guards in place and not used on metal. It does look like though, that the bottom of the oil pan was slightly scraped but does not look like any real damage at all. Hitting the bottom can make a lot of noise but not do any real damage.

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Could you show me which part is the oil pan and where the scratch is? I’m not particularly good at differentiating the parts.

Those stains on the floor are probably from the water from the air conditioning condensation drain and the dust on the floor.

Second pic, upper left. You see the plastic button retainer, then below it are scrapes in the plastic splash guard, and right below that some minor scrapes on the metal oil pan. At least it looks like the oil pan. To the right of the exhaust pipe looks like the transmission pan so the oil pan would be on the left of the pipe. At any rate nothing serious.