Does anyone know what this could be?

We were driving back from Tampa and everything was fine- it started pouring in our neighborhood and there was pockets of puddles- all of a sudden I thought I blew a tire bc it sounded like that but then this is under my car?!? It looks like part of my car ? We did have our car worked on about 2 weeks ago because our neighbor hit our driver side side door -behind the power door. Don’t think it’s related but need help!?! This is a 2017 Honda Odyssey

Is the piece black plastic? If so look behind your front tires. That may be an inner fender.

Yeah I would guess its either part of your splash guard underneath or the wheel well cover. Either way you need to replace whatever is damaged. Probably you hit something in the road that tore the plastic. A tire blow out is a pop but hitting something is a bang or a clunk. Someone should look at it though since its possible it damaged something else underneath. Check you fluid levels for sure anyway.

Looks like a wheel well liner to me. Their purpose is to help prevent rusted wheel wells, and reduce road noise. It might not be from your own car, could have fallen of somebody else’s car and you happened to run over it and it got stuck there. If that happened to one of my cars I’d put it on jackstands & inspect the underside of the car to make sure a brake or fuel line or something else important wasn’t damaged in the process.

Can you describe roughly where under the vehicle the piece is hanging from?
Is it possible to get a photo with a light illuminating the piece?

Brake splash guard(dust shield) is my guess. Does it look anything like in this picture?!They can rot away and fall on the street

Get to a dealer…this part might be under warranty.

Did you miss the part where the lady said she had a 2017 Honda Odyssey . . . ?

I agree that stamped steel parts do rust out, but it seems just a little early in this instance


I wouldn’t assume it’s from your car. Hard to spot debris in road with downpours and puddles. It appears caught vs partially loose. Pull it out for closer inspection and perhaps better picture to post.

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What I meant is that it could be from another vehicule, It probably got stucked under there when she drove over it.

I agree with @twinturbo. It could be debris from another car in the puddle. It still could be from your Odyssey, and you should check the front wheel wells.