Small gash near bottom of the car. Any idea what could have done this?


I had my starter replaced two days before and I did a walk around on the car when I picked it up because I know two mechanics had to wheel it in to the hoist and his garage is a tight fit. Wanted to check if they bumped into anything. Well I saw nothing then and nothing at home rest of Friday and Saturday. And I looked around the car a couple of times because it’s white and you can imagine the hand prints and grease left on. Though they did do a once over with a spray and cloth clearly but they obviously wouldn’t have gotten everything.

Well today I went to the store and as usual, I parked away from other cars but someone decided to park beside me anyway. It was walking back to the car when I noticed this. But it doesn’t seem like to me another car did it. I didn’t run into anything or hear something hit the car while driving and my wife says the same.

Any guesses what this would come from?

I’m going to go over it with a paint pen and see how it looks. It’s a 2009 and it’s basically my beater now so I don’t think this is the end of the world, but any chance this is a somewhat easy and inexpensive fix if I wanted to do something about it?

Also a couple of marks near the wheel well that are hardly noticeable.

Thanks for the help.

One never knows, paintless dent repair could be a cheap option if you want it fixed.

The damage is paintless, lack of paint is the primary concern.

If driving onto the lift requires a 90 degree turn they may have come in contact with the lift pad on the lift. Pictures 4 and 5 look like curb damage.