Wet carpet on driver floor

Things that I have done to investigate this problem are: 1) replaced a windshield but the floor still gets wet when it rains. 2) checked the drain tubes on both sides of the sun roof…trimmer wire was passed successfully down both. My question, @ this point is the wire suppose to pass down under the vehicle so if I am lying on my back looking @ the under-carriage I should see it? 3) After passing the wire, I held the hose on top of the sun roof with water flowing over the roof & observed the different “drip” patterns onto the pavement. The passenger side drip pattern was just behind the right wheel…BUT the driver side pattern showed a drip pattern along the entire left side of the under carriage & at this time I saw the water start to collect on the floor of the driver side. ***Now the question is…'IS IT POSSIBLE THAT THE DRAIN TUBE FROM THE SUNROOF IS NO LONGER CONNECTED TO DRAIN IN THE APPROPRIATE PLACE? If so, where is it located & how difficult is it to repair or does it need a professional & what is the cost?

This “water issue” is getting the best of me…please HELP the rainy season is upon us!!!

Have you checked the drain tube for the air conditioner?

No, I have not checked the drain for the air conditioner. Where is the drain for the air conditioner? Did not seriously consider the air conditioner as a possible culprit because the floor gets wet when it rains…& the air conditioner is not “on”. Thanks I will certainly check it. Thank you for your suggestion.

Do You Park On A Slope? Sometimes The Car’s Angle Can Cause A Leak.
Try turning it around (backing in or not backing in, etcetera). This is not an ideal solution but may help narrow the search.

Highly unusual, but possible, GM had to publish a Technical Service Bulletin for their H body cars that were getting wet floors because a plastic membrane behind the door inside trim panels were loosening and needed to be resealed. This would not ordinarily result in a leak, but it did on these.

After a rain, open doors and see if any water tries to drip from the inside bottom of a door (between trim and door). Don’t worry about water dripping from the door outside the door weatherstrip, it is supposed to.

Also, have you gotten inside and had somebody hose the car down?