Wet carpet on floor driver front

When it rains the carpet becomes wet on the driver front floor. Things that I have done to search for the leak: 1) replaced the windshield (Still gets wet wen it rains) 2) passed trimmer wire down the drain tubes in the sun roof…no obstruction on either side. At this time I placed a hose on top of the closed sun roof, turned the water on & discovered different “DRIP” patterns, ie…on the passenger side the water drained in a localized pool behind the front wheel. The "DRIP"pattern on the drivers’ side displayed some water draining behind the right wheel but the majority of the water drained along the entire length of the vehicle, where there are bolts. At this time I could see the water start to enter into the space where the wires are placed & next was the carpet.

QUESTION: When I passed the trimmer wire down the drain tubes from the sun roof, should I be able to see it by lying under the vehicle? I could not. Is it possible that this drain tube became disconnected? If so, where is it? Can I fix it? (no experience)

PLEASE HELP!!! The rainy season is upon us…