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Water Leak

Water collects on the driver side floor. I have pulled up the carpet & isolated where the water is but have no idea how it got there. I have replaced the windshield, thinking that may have a damaged seal…but the H20 still appears after a rain. The vehicle has a sun roof. Please help winter is just around the corner!! Are there any specialists that deal with this problem?

The two most common areas for water on the front of the carfloor are 1)a plugged air conditioner condensate drain, and 2)a sliding roof drain tube plugged up. Have somenone knowledgeable check these two out first.

If it ends up being the windshield seal, the company which installed it should correct the leak free of charge.

Thank you for your suggestions…now where do I find the “knowledgeable one”…@ a ford dealer or a neighborhood auto service…???

Any mechanic should be able to check and clear the drain tubes.