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Mystery Leak on 2002 Saturn

For several months now there has been this mysterious reappearing puddle occuring on the drivers side floor, right in the middle. Rain or shine the puddle appears. Took to dealership and they were unsure what it could be. The last 3 days I have gone through 3 rolls of shop towels to soak it up. It is a clear liquid with no odor. Please help this single mom fix this with hopefully very little expense.

Water on the front floor often comes from your A/C compressors condensation drain when the drain tube is broken or pulled out of place or clogged. Look up under the dash and see if you can find a tube that looks like it’s disconnected.

Are you running the defroster or the AC? If so I suspect water is dripping from the AC evaporator. The water is supposed to go down the drain tube and drip onto the road, but if the tube is damaged or disconnected the water will drip onto the car floor.

The dealer should have checked this.

The other possibility is brake or clutch fluid, but that would be oily, and your description sounds more like water.

You might want to lift the edge of the carpet and see if the padding underneath is wet. It usually is if there’s a puddle, and the padding won’t dry out unless you get it out from under the carpet. This can allow mold to grow. Check the padding.

Mc is right, if you go back to the dealer, don’t accept the service writers opinion, have them bring out a real mechanic to look at it, he will know right away. BTW, you can’t see this tube by looking up under the dash.

Sometimes The End Of The Tube Protrudes Through The Firewall (Wall Between Passenger And Engine Compartments).

Often it can be spotted with a flashlight, under the hood on the firewall, behind the engine. Sometimes the tube end is designed with a “pinched” rubber end and can accumulate bugs, dirt, and crud. A gentle cleanout is sometimes all that’s necessary.