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West coast time

Hi all, does anyone know what time of the day, is a good time to call in to the show? I live in portland, OR.

2006 Zap Xebra EV

Never seems OK to me. Where would we be if everybody had my attitude. It isn’t easy to guess correctly over the phone. You may get your question in the newspaper if you write in to us (strangers) here and the “party of the first part” finds it interesting. First it was Tom and Ray and then it was all the freeloaders like me, and the normal people.

As your “attorney”, I advise you to submit it here where you will get none of the laughter. We treat all questions with due slalomness.

Hmm, you signed up for the site and found the discussion board, but you couldn’t find the FAQ. Oh well. In a nutshell you call and leave a message and they call back if you sound hot.

Thank You for your response. I did not have time to surf the site. Maybe if there was more on EV cars. And if , or when I make the time.
I have a Zap Xebra.