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Do "Dear Car Talk" columns run in the newspapers at the same time?

Just curious. We get questions from posters here sometimes referencing what is purportedly a recent “Dear Car Talk” column the poster saw in their local newspaper. The curiosity is the subject cited doesn’t match any of the recent Dear Car Talk blog posts, which I presume is the source for the newspaper columns. In the SF Bay Area, the newspaper columns seem to match up w/the blog post timing. Do some newspapers run back-dated columns? Or what gives?

Might depend on the paper but in the past the Seattle Times would run the column in the automotive section on Friday’s & Sunday’s so two different columns a week. The’ Automotive section hasn’t been in the print version at least for some time now.

Our beloved local paper The Olympian (They dropped the daily because it’s referred to as the Daily Zero) would only run the column once a week so it was usually the same one the Times ran on Friday.

They don’t run around here at all, at least that I’ve seen. They should. It would be a lot better than the drivel they do seem to include. In Ohio I did notice the column was in the local paper. Can’t remember the subject but it was OK. Our daily paper changed ownership a while back and now we are subjected to routine ACLU, MPR, and similar opinion pieces. I suspect a lot of people just aren’t finding much interest in the paper anymore. Oh, guess that was off-topic, but it’s late.