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Today's last caller< Jim

I’m single, widowed, “of a certain age” with a paid for JEEP, and a dog also “of a certain age”. Enjoyed your discussion on your Volkswagon women. Never owned one, but did help my dad jump start his beetle several times…That was the first time I heard my mother swear!

The Beetles of the 1960’s made a lot of people swear. They were simple cars, cheap and plentiful so that’s what I drove a lot in my youth. They would not take a lead footed driver very well so they broke down a lot on me. I sold a couple to my new father-in-law who was a marshmallow footed driver. I don’t think he ever broke down once in all his years of driving them.

I stumbled upon this photo while wasting time online…

Didn’t that SF caller want to put an AirCon in an air cooled Beetle? I wonder why? I mean the high temp predicted tomorrow for SF is 68 degrees. I’m talking August 4. If that’s too warm, a quick drive to the Pacifica beach – about 4 miles away – the high there is predicted to be 64 degrees! So what’s the need for AirCon? ;

More to the point, Tom and Ray were against the Beetle idea b/c they said it wasn’t safe. True, but you gotta compare it to motorcycles which are driven all the time. Life is a compromise. A 60’s Beetle has to be safer than motorcyles you’d think. And I wonder if it is possible to retrofit a 60’s Beetle withfront side air bags? That’s worth researching for someone set on getting a Beetle.

The air cooled Beetles belong with the likes of the Ford Model T and the 80’s and early 90’s Toyota Corolla and Honda Civics – cheap to buy and inexpensive to keep on the road, the People’s Cars.

I can’t seem to start a new thread but wanted to give advice to the guy who has the '58 VW Van that he lives in and has a gas expulsion problem. He should check that he has a vented gas cap. Some cheap aftermarket caps don’t vent the gases properly and they build up or cause the fuel to shoot out like its compressed air.

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