I'd like this website to have references to callers' problems solved

It’s been old material for the past 2 years. I listen occasionally so most of it is new to me.

On this most recent show Bear from Romulus Michigan may or may not have needed an ‘ignition time-delay relay’. T&R referred him to this website in hope that a listener had a better answer. It must have happened. It would be a nice feature to have a link to that thread. It’d be a good thing to put in this forum. I’d like to know the answer.

The show’s been off the air for over 2 years now. All you’re hearing is re-runs. So a little late now.

My guess is 1 in 10 posters actually post back about a problem solved, so the other 9 out of 10 we have no feedback if a response was helpful or not. Just the way of the world I suppose.

I heard that “time delay relay” call too, and was curious just what they heck that part is for. I wonder if it actually the fuel pump relay. There’s a relay in some cars that monitors whether the points are opening/closing, and won’t turn the fuel pump on unless they are doing that fast enough that the crankshaft is turning. On my Corolla is is called the “circuit opening relay”, but it is really the fuel pump relay. My 70’s VW Rabbit had the same feature in it, but VW just called it the fuel pump relay. It’s a safety thing I think, so the fuel pump doesn’t continue to run after the engine stalls, like if the car is in a crash.