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Weird issue with clutch. Please help!

About 3 out of the last 10 times I have tried to start my truck, I have had a problem. I fully depress the clutch, but nothing happens when I turn the key. It doesn’t even try to start. All electronics on dash are fine.

The weird thing is that my truck has a “clutch start cancel” button that allows me to start the truck without using the clutch as long as I am in neutral and push the button before turning the key. When I do this, it starts right up. No Problems shifting gears once I get it started. Any ideas? Thanks for your time.

It sounds like clutch pedal interlock safety switch is no longer working and probably requires replacement.


I agree with the switch not working. You can look under the dash and see if you can work it loose so it is operational again, but might have to replace it eventually. Not hard to replace. And just so you know, the “clutch start cancel” button lets the key start the engine without pushing the clutch in gear as well as in neutral.