My 1988 Family member

I have a 1988 Toyota pickup, standard trans, with a intermitant starting issue. the truck will start just fine on most days, but will only click when I try to start it just moments later for about a day, and then it’s back to normal. I have changed the battery and starter, and have removed and clean both batt terminals. The truck has a clutch switch that seams is required some of the time, but not always. The truck has 296,000 original mile, and I just can’t think of letting it go. I have read many suggestion in this site, but have yet to hear if anyone corrected there issue. Any help would be greatl.


“The truck has a clutch switch that seams is required some of the time, but not always”

I would say that this is a fairly strong clue that the source of the problem is that safety switch on the clutch.

If the switch is working intermittently in some ways, it may well be not working as it is supposed to at other times. More than likely, replacing the clutch safety switch will resolve the problem.

+1 for @VDCdriver.

If I remember correctly this car has a clutch safety cancel switch on the dash that, when pressed, allows the starter to operate without depressing the clutch pedal. Perhaps that is what the OP is referring to?

If not, I also suspect a failing clutch pedal switch.

I recall a Chevy I owned where u had to have the shifter in reverse to start. Is there any type of shifter triggered switches involved here also? Gotta keep folks safe. Would hate to start vehicle in gear.

Asemaster is correct about the clutch safety switch on the dash, that is what is happens. I just started the truck 15 min ago, and it work fine. But trying to use it an hour ago, and it would not start at all. Ready to shoot this friend/car, and put it 6ft under:(.