Toyota truck not starting

yr 1988, manual transmission
A friend of mine is having trouble with his vehicle. When the truck is towed into the mechanics, several different ones, it starts up, and they say there is nothing wrong with it.
His truck will start right up for 3-6 weeks and then when he turns the key he only gets a click. A few hours later or the next day, it will start right up and run for another 4-6 weeks. He had his starter replaced about 6 months ago.
Any suggestions on what he might look?

If he hears a click when trying to start it, it means the clutch pedal interlock switch is working.

So the clicking may be coming from a faulty starter relay.


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Change the battery cables. Have the battery tested.

Symptom is usually either starter or battery problem. First step is to measure the voltage at the “start” terminal of the starter when this occurs. It should measure at least 10.5 volts. What do you measure?

They made Tacomas in '88?

I think it was a SR5