1995 Toyota Tacoma doesn't always start with the ignition key

My 1995 Toyota Tacoma won’t start every time I turn the key. Sometimes it starts right up, but recently, more often than not it just gives a single click when the clutch pedal is pressed in just about all the way.

I replaced the neutral safety clutch switch and it started every time for about a week, then it went back to not starting reliably.

Anybody have an idea on what this might be and how to fix it?

I’m growing tired of making sure I park on a hill each time I park.


In cheapness order:
All battery connections clean and tight?
Battery in good shape?
Battery cables in good shape (no corrosion)?
If all the above are ok, then the next thing is a common problem with Toyotas: the contacts in the starter solenoid slowly wear, and at some point result in an intermittent ‘no start’. Is the starter original? The contacts can be replaced, or you could put in a rebuilt starter.
Another possibility is the ignition switch.

I’ll do some cleaning on the connections and check the cables.
How difficult is it to replace the solenoid contacts; and if I get a rebuilt starter, do I get a starter with solenoid, or just the solenoid? I’m not sure if the starter is the original - it has 227,000 mi. on it…

The hard part is removing the starter, the solenoid contacts are pretty easy to replace once that’s done. Google ‘Toyota starter solenoid contact replacement’ for more info.

Here’s how:

You might take another look at that clutch switch, make sure it’s positioned and connected correctly…The other suggestions are all good too…