Tacoma clutch switch?

I have a 1996 Toyota Tacoma 4-cylinder straight drive. When the temperature is cold outside, I experience increasing difficulty starting the truck. I can hear a switch associated with the clutch (clutch must be engaged to start this unit) clicking, so depress and un-depress the clutch fractions of an inch until it hits the sweet spot. Surely this must be a mechanical / electrical switch that needs replacing? Chilton’s mentions an “ignition coil” – would that be it? Sounds like the clicking is coming just the other side of the firewall from the clutch pedal itself. Thanks!

Look up under the dashboard where the clutch pedal hangs. The switch is probably inside the car, not under the hood. It should be simple to replace if you can reach it. The brake pedal has a switch for the brake lights, and the clutch pedal has a switch to complete the starter circuit.

You really don’t need a clutch switch. Keep it if you must, or simply disconnect it and short out the terminals with a bent paper clip as I have done to mine.

I feel sure you need a starter. Jump the switch as SteverF instructed and if problem remains pull the starter and bench test it.