Weird growl noise

So, I got a slight issue. Whenever I stop my car, the car makes a growl noise. But the noise only happens when the car is slowing down past 10mph. So, you’d hear a very faint growl for like, 1.5-2 seconds, then it’s gone. You however don’t hear the sound if you reverse and brake, let the car naturally slow down(or maybe just can’t hear it in general because of low sound emitted), or when I accelerate. Also, yes, I do know my pads are slightly low, already bought new pads and rotors, just haven’t gotten the chance to change them. So I’m thinking it’s the pads, rotors, or calipers. Or all three. I don’t however think it’s a bearing due to the fact that it doesn’t change pitch or tone when I turn the wheel when the sound is being emitted. Any ideas?

I think you are right about the sound unlikely to be caused by a bearing. The typical sound from a bad bearing is indeed a growling sound, but it gets louder the fast you go, opposite to what you observe. My guess is the brake pads have worn enough that the disc-pads warning tab is starting to rub against the rotor when you step on the brakes. On the cars I’ve driven with front disc brakes it’s been possible to see how much pad material is left on at least one of the pads simply by removing the wheel and having a look-see at the edge of the pad through a slot in the front of the caliper. Try some slow speed stopping using the parking brake instead of the brake pedal, see what effect that has.

Replace them and see if the noise stops